Jamboree currently:


Jamboree Heights - Jamboree Park

Location - 18 Guide Street, Jamboree Heights

Facilities - Shelter with table & seating, water, electric BBQ, shaded playground & play equipment


Jamboree Heights - Phil Denman Park

Location - End of Beanland Street, Jamboree Heights 

Facilities - Shaded playground, Shelter, seating, water fountain, basketball half court, rebound wall, cricket nets, large flat fields, shared pathway, dog off leash area


Jindalee - Amazons Place Park (Jindalee Skate Park)

Location - 44 Amazons Place, Jindalee

Facilities - Skate Park, water fountain, play equipment, basketball half court, pontoon, toilets, shelter with table & seating, river views

Jindalee - Capitol Drive Park

Location – 2 Nero Close, Jindalee

Facilities -  Swings

Jindalee - Elinga Street Park

Location – Elinga Street, Jindalee

Facilities - Seating, play equipment, pathway

Jindalee - Jindalee Boat Ramp Park

Location – 99 Mt Ommaney Drive, Jindalee

Facilities - Boat ramp and pontoon, large shelters with table & seating, water fountain, barbeques, toilets, shaded playgrounds & play equipment, large open green space, dog off leash area, sheltered bench seating, river views


Jindalee - Jindalee Park

Location - 89 Burrendah Road, Jindalee

Facilities -Shaded playground & play equipment, large open green space, bench seating, water 

Jindalee - Jindalee Recreation Reserve

Location - 77 Curragundi Road, Jindalee

Facilities - Shelter, large flat oval, AFL goal posts


Jindalee - Pioneer Belz Park

Location - 303 Centenary Highway, Jindalee. Entry from Centenary Highway or Kooringal Drive

Facilities - Picnic table, parking, river views

Jindalee - Murna Street Park

Location - 5 Murna Street, Jindalee

Jindalee - Jacaranda Park

Location -  Pamaroo Crescent, Jindalee

Facilities - Seating, playground

Mt Ommaney - Arrabri Avenue Park

Location - 137 Arrabri Avenue, Mt Ommaney

Facilities - Water fountain, seating

Mt Ommaney - Centenary War Memorial Gardens

Location - Cnr of Dandenong Rd & Arrabri Ave, Mt Ommaney

Facilities - Memorials, seating, pathway

Mt Ommaney - Lorikeet Park

Location - 158 Dandenong Road, Mt Ommaney

Facilities - Shaded playground, play equipment, shelters, electric BBQ's, water

Mt Ommaney - Mt Ommaney Bushland Reserve

Location - Walkway entrance from 12 Summit Place, Mt Ommaney or 179 Westlake Drive, Jindalee

Facilities - Toilet, water fountain, bush walk, shelter with table & seating

Middle Park - Rod and Mary Burrows Park

Location - 33 Camelot Crescent, Middle Park

Facilities - Playground and play equipment

Middle Park - Horizon Drive Park (Peter Lightfoot Oval)

Location - 141 Horizon Drive, Middle Park

Facilities - Shelter with table & seating, shaded exercise equipment, netball courts, large flat ovals, playground and other play equipment, high back disability swing

Middle Park - Jamboree Lions Community Park

Location -  33 MacFarlane Street, Middle Park  

Facilities - Play equipment, shelter, electric BBQ, water, shared pathway



Middle Park - Loffs Road Park

Location - Beanland and Bilga Streets, Middle Park


Middle Park - Narrung Street Park

Location - 6 Tyabb Close, Middle Park

Facilities - Table and seating, playground, play equipment and lighting

Wood Park - Naver Street Park

Location - Naver Street, Middle Park

Facilities - Shared pathway

Middle Park - Sheoak Street Park

Location - 11 Sheoak Street, Middle Park

Facilities - Playground, play equipment

Middle Park - Wirilda Street Park

Location - 28 Wirilda Street, Middle Park

Facilities - Shelter, shaded playground, play equipment, seating

Riverhills - Newcomb Park

Location - 529 Sumners Road, Riverhills

Facilities - Accessible toilets, shelter, water, river views, wheelchair access, bikeway/walkway, BMX dirt jumps, skating and rollerblading facilities

Riverhills - Karumba Place Park

Location - 443 Sumners Road, Riverhills

Facilities - Shaded playground, pathway, shelter

Riverhills - Tigris Street Park

Location - 22 Tigris Street, Riverhills

Facilities - Playground, dog off leash area, shaded seating, cricket net

Seventeen Mile Rocks - Delapine Place Park (Dog off leash area)

Location - 6 Delapine Place, Seventeen Mile Rocks

Facilities - Water, seating

Seventeen Mile Rocks - Edenbrooke Park (South)

Location - 97 Edenbrooke Drive, Seventeen Mile Rocks

Facilities - Shaded playground (off Pampling Street) water, table and seating, bridge over creek, dog off leash area (small and large dog areas)

Seventeen Mile Rocks - Fremont Street Park

Location - 5 Delapine Place, Seventeen Mile Rocks

Facilities - Playground, seating

Seventeen Mile Rocks - John Magee Park

Location - 56 Counihan Road, Seventeen Mile Rocks

Facilities - Water, barbecue, shelter and seating

Seventeen Mile Rocks - Edenbrooke Park (North)

Location - 36 Edenbrooke Drive, Seventeen Mile Rocks

Facilities - Large fort play area, swings, shelters, electric BBQ, water and lake views

Seventeen Mile Rocks - Rocks Riverside Park

Location - 5 Counihan Road, Seventeen Mile Rocks

Facilities - Coral Mound, Oxley Wharf, access & car parking (Counihan Road), electric BBQ's, booking sites, bushland escarpment, community garden, event space (Great Lawn), basketball half court, metropoliton playground & picnic facilities, multi-use access, picnic area (Great Lawn, Riverbank, Western Lawn), toilets, waterplay are, shared pathway network, shelter, wi-fi, liberty swing, numerous playgrounds and play equipment


Sinnamon Park - Avondale Park

Location - 32 Blyde Street, Sinnamon Park

Facilities - Playground, basketball half court, water, shelter, Electric BBQ

Sinnamon Park - Bellwood Street Park

Location - 190 Bellwood Street, Sinnamon Park

Facilities - Shelter, bus stop

Sinnamon Park - Drummond Street

Location - 68 Oldfield Road, Sinnamon Park

Sinnamon Park - Portadown Park

Location - 30 Radcliffe Street, Sinnamon Park

Facilities - Shaded playground, water, seating, pathway


Sinnamon Park - Rosemount Park

Location - 27 Drummond Street, Sinnamon Park

Facilities - Playground nd play equipment, shelters, electric BBQ, shared pathway 



Sinnamon Park - Settlers Park

Location - 61 Glen Ross Road, Sinnamon Park

Facilities - Barbeque, shelter, shaded playground, pathway

Sinnamon Park - Sir Hercules Sinnamon Park

Location - 65 Goggs Road, Sinnamon Park

Sinnamon Park - Thomas Macleod Park

Location - 40 Sinnamon Road, Sinnamon Park

Facilities - Shelter, lake, dog off leash area (small and large dog areas), shared pathway

Sinnamon Park - Amazons Place Park (off Burdekin Drive)

Location - Burdekin Drive, Sinnamon Park

Facilities - Shelters, electric BBQ's, shaded playground and play equipment, water, exercise equipment, river views, river walk, shared pathway

Westlake - Barcoorah Street Park (Coucal Trail)

Location - Entrance from Balaton and Tennent Streets, Westlake

Facilities - Coucal Trail, seating, viewing platform, river views

Westlake - Raeside Street Park

Location - 41A Raeside Street, Westlake

Facilities - Playground, pathway

Westlake - Timaru Close Park

Location - Carnegie Street, Mt Ommaney Creek, Timaru Close and Westlake Drive

Westlake - Seabrook Circuit Park

Location - 40 Seabrook Circuit, Westlake

Facilities - Shaded play equipmend, shaded basketball half court, rotunda with seating, water, electric BBQ, large flat oval

Westlake - Loffs Rd Dog Off Leash Area

Location - Loffs Rd, Westlake

Facilities - Shelter, agility equipment, water

Westlake - Wendouree Crescent Park

cation - 121 Wendouree Crescent, Westlake

Facilities - Playground, play equipment, seating, electric BBQ, shelter, river views, pathway


Darra - Ducie Street Park

Location - 75 Ebrington Street

Facilities - Large playground and play equipment, eletric BBQ, Shelters, water fountain, basketball half court and toilets

Darra - Ashridge Road Park

Location - 148 Monier Road

Facilities - Dog off leash area, shared pathway


Darra - Balfour Park

Location - 56 Winslow Street
Facilities - Barbecue (wood), community garden, playground, water (bubbler/taps/drinking fountain)

Darra - Markham Street Park

Location - 5 Kokoda Street          
Facilities - Barbecue (wood), picnic area, playground 

Darra - Monier Road Park

Location - 52 Monier Road
Facilities - Playground (Duporth Road)

Darra - Sanananda Street Park

Location - 961 Centenary Highway
Facilities - Basketball half court, bikeway, water (bubbler/tap)

Ellen Grove - Carole Park Community Park

Location - 11A Southampton Road
Facilities - Cycle training circuit & cricket facility (Community Park), fitness station & activity space (Community Park), picnic area (Community Park), playground (Community Park)

Ellen Grove - Julie Road Park

Location - 12A Julie Road
Facilities - Dog off leash area, basketball court

Ellen Grove - Mulley Park

Location - 24 Stephen Street
Facilities - Playground

Ellen Grove - Warren Ritchie Memorial Complex

Location - 1449 Boundary Road 
Facilities - Carole Park & District Dart Hall, Portuguese Family Centre, access & car parking (Boundary Road), half court & skate facility (Boundary Road), playground, rugby league field (Forest Lake Magpies), rugby league facility (Forest Lake Magpies), shared pathway network (Ellen Grove)

Wacol - Coulson Street Park

Location - 183 Coulson Street

Wacol - Formation Street Park (road reserve)

Location - 31 Campbell Avenue
Facilities - Picnic area

Wacol - M.Z. Holland Memorial Park

Location - 57 Monterey Street
Facilities - Playground & half court

Wacol - Newton Place Park

Location - 26 Newton Place
Facilities - Playground

Wacol - Pooh Corner

Location - 205 Wacol Station Road
Facilities - Barbecue (electric), bushland, car park, environment centre (Wolston Road), picnic area, public toilets, walking tracks

Use designated walking tracks only - former military exercise site.

Wacol - Wacol Bushlands

Location - 3063 Ipswich Road

Bushland area